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    Cream Remover

    This product removes lash extensions by dissolving glue bonds. Cream remover works fast is effective and efficient.

    Remover in a liquid form can easily get into clients eye and cause irritation. That's why Posh Lashes cleaner is only in a cream form. Thick consistency prevents a product from getting into eyes and prevents eyes from getting sore and red.

    volume: 5 ml

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    Foam Shampoo

    Foam Shampoo – A cleaning agent for both natural and extended lashes with a subtle scent. Foam structure easily reaches between thickened lashes lifting impurities without rubbing or soaking lashes. Gentle formula removes grease and dead skin cells without weakening the lash glue. Foam formula is compatible with glue and makes lash extensions last longer It has antibacterial properties, it revitalises natural lashes and lengthens the longevity of extensions. Regular use prevents creating a make up build up on lashes.

    Foam can be used as makeup remover before treatment and for cleaning extensions before application.

    volume: 60 ml

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    Lash Cleaner

    It removes natural sebum and micro-impurities from lashes. The product is indispensable in lash application. This is a professional product used prior to putting on eyelash extension. Removing grease and cleaning natural eyelashes thoroughly enhance glue adhesion.

    Cleaner should be used to prepare lashes for extensions. It should be applied on natural makeup-free lashes. Extensions should be put on after the cleaner dries out.